Profile Summary

Milena M. Meneghetti is a Senior Psychologist in Alberta who is a registered health professional. She has approximately a decade of experience working in private practice as well as in the health care system.  She has held board and leadership positions at the local, provincial and national levels in her fields, most recently on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Psychological Association. Her Master’s thesis provided the first ever Canadian description of Executives’ experiences of being coached.

In addition to this, prior to her registration as a Psychologist, she was a 23-year Human Resources professional who was involved in establishing and refining the early accreditation of HR professionals and involved in her association at that time.

Milena brings a wealth of experience working with senior level executives in maximizing the effectiveness of Human Resources.  Working as a senior consultant and then as a professional in both the banking and oil and gas sectors, her work history gives her unique perspective and insight into the world of work and related functional assessments.  She worked as a consultant with a developer of Behaviour Description Interviewing.

During her early training as a Psychologist, she had brief experience conducting court-ordered assessments, at which time she was mentored by many who were key leaders in their fields, including experts in family therapy, grief therapy, narrative therapy and domestic abuse, as well as an expert in providing court-ordered custody assessments and expert testimony for court.

Early in her career, she was involved in quantitative research activities with a University Research Project which investigated the Quality of Life for End Stage Renal Disease Patients.  Most recently, Milena was a Behavioural Health Consultant, working with Alberta Health Services multidisciplinary teams including family physicians and nurses.