Our Psychologist is strongly guided by a wish to help everyone fulfill their inherent potential and develop strategies to fulfill unmet needs.  Using the client’s view of the world as the starting point, she works to design treatment plans that allow them to move forward in positive ways in the direction of their goals.  When working with families, she takes a systems approach to slowly healing family dysfunction and honouring family strengths.

Our Psychologist works in a customized way,  using solution and emotion-focused, narrative, and cognitive treatment strategies. She works with individuals, couples, and families. With your permission, Our Psychologist can work collaboratively with other professionals you see to ensure an effective multidisciplinary approach is used to your advantage.

She works to help her clients learn, grow and meet the goals they have for their lives. Valued for handling unusual or atypical life stages and concerns, she provides counselling that is tailored to what matters most to the client, while bringing her assessment skills in play. 

A firm believer that most behaviour occurs to serve some purpose, Our Psychologist strongly believes in understanding context before diving into the details of a concern. She will work alongside you to help move forward in whatever areas your life is stressful, stuck or dysfunctional for you.  Helping you gain perspective on your issues by looking at the bigger picture, she can assist you to see your challenges in a fresh way allowing for fresh solutions and growth.

When and if you are ready she will help you develop your Happiness Map, and take the C-suite steps (Courage, Commitment and Change) at that intersection between reality and hopes & dreams.

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